The Boneyard

The Angel’s Boneyard – commonly shortened to just “Boneyard” by the locals – is the south-eastern metropolitan area of New Angeles. Located approximately 30km from the urban core, the Boneyard is a big part of New Angeles’ urban sprawl and is mostly occupied only by the destitute and the desperate.

People of Interest

Johnny Know-It is the local fixer and supplier. Hungry, ambitious and as dangerous as a straight razor, Johnny claims to know everyone who is anyone and positions himself as the person to know if you want to get shit done. Some say that he has connections to the local tri-maf chapter, but if that’s true, what’s he still doing in this shithole? Still, if you’re looking for something – no matter if it’s happy pills, cold iron or a warm bed – Johnny Know-It is the man to go to.

Mama Laveau runs a brisk business selling cyberware and tech gear from the back room of her voodoo shop front. She may be a little weird, with the whole voodoo shit, but her prices are as affordable as they are reliable. Also, she has the added benefit of being the only person in this shithole who knows anything about anything when it comes to cyberware.

Doc Emmett is the local back-alley doctor. Dispassionately professional, it doesn’t matter to the Doc what ails you: if you have the scrip, he has the cure for you. Word on the street says that he used to work for one of the megacorps – maybe Jinteki, maybe Weyland – but he never talks about his past. With Doc Emmett, it’s always purely business. Just business.

The Boneyard

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