From A History of New Angeles

The Beanstalk, properly known as the New Angeles Space Elevator, is a massive, 70 000 kilometer-tall construction linking the Ecuador megacity of New Angeles to Earth orbit. It is considered the greatest triumph of human engineering and ingenuity in history.

It is governed and operated by the SEA (Space Elevator Authority), and generates 30% of New Angeles’ economy.It is also the main method of transportation for helium-3 canisters descending from the moon, so its value goes beyond mere credits.

The bottom of the Beanstalk is known as The Root, and is located in Cayambe, Ecuador, near the peak of Mount Cayambe.

Halfway up the Beanstalk is Midway Station, which has a substantial NBN presence, as does the Challenger Planetoid, the station at the summit of the space elevator. Travelers can then reach the moon via the Challenger Memorial Ferry.

From The Root, a beanpod takes 60 minutes to reach Midway Station. There, passengers disembark and either stay to conduct business, or transfer to another beanpod that continues the journey to Challenger Station (which takes another hour).


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