There are a few main types of icebreakers:

  • Fracters break Barriers
  • Decoders break Code Gates
  • Killers break Sentries
  • AI breaks all ICE types, albeit less efficiently

All icebreakers take up 0 or more MU, have a cost of 0c or more, and have a base strength of 0 or more. In order for the icebreaker to break a piece of ICE, its strength must be greater than or equal to the ICE’s strength.

Sample Icebreakers

Icebreaker – Killer
1 MU
Cost: 3c
Strength: 3
1c: Break sentry subroutine

If a decker has Mimic loaded up, he may break any sentry he encounters with a strength of 3 or less at the cost of 1 processing cycle. However, if the decker encounters ICE that has 4 or greater strength, or any ICE that is not a Sentry, Mimic can do nothing about it.

Icebreaker – Killer
2 MU
Cost: 7c
Strength: 2
1c: break Sentry subroutine
1c: +1 strength

Compared to Mimic, Garrotte has a lower base strength and a significantly higher cost and MU requirement. However, unlike Mimic, this icebreaker has the ability to make itself stronger by consuming any number of processing cycles, meaning that no sentry ICE is ever out of the decker’s reach… provided, of course, that the decker has enough processing cycles.

See Run Sequence for more information.


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